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Critical help for Fallout 4 bugs, glitches, and things you NEED to know (as non-spoilery as possible)

Fallout 4 is riddled with bugs and glitches, plus there is a frustrating lack of information for important things in the game, so I'm going to keep this updated with the most crucial stuff as I go along. Some of this will be partial fixes since it's clear specific issues need patching directly from Bethesda. As for the rest, it's not clear if it'll ever get patched because it may be "working as intended."

Militia "help x settlement" quests are timed!

To avoid spoilers I'll make this very vague. Basically, you are going to get militia quests regarding specific settlements at some point, and they'll usually start with a certain NPC saying "I've heard of another settlement that needs our help." Picking up the initial quest itself starts a timer that is very, very long (seriously, to the point that I thought that the first stage didn't have one for ages). Visiting the settlement and engaging the person involved will start a much shorter timer (and they WILL force you to talk to them if you get close enough). There doesn't appear to be any real indication in the game for how long you have to complete the actual mission, so be prepared to go and do the quest immediately.

This is based on my observations that two of three settlement-helping quests were still fine when I hadn't visited the related settlements, but the third quest failed a while after I had visited its settlement and talked to the person who needed help. And much later, I finally saw a very fast message telling me I was running out of time to talk to a specific settlement which must have been the oldest quest of this type.

Do not leave weapons, armor, and power armor useable at settlements!

Unless you want random settlers getting in the power armor and using it (especially during raid defense), make sure you remove the fusion core from any suits you aren't using yourself. NPCs elsewhere can also "steal" your power armor if you leave it unattended with an active fusion core. As for weapons and armor, I'm not sure about armor but settlers and enemies will definitely pick up any weapons they find lying around. Always store your things at settlements inside containers that can only be accessed by clicking on the container menu (aka don't use a bucket or a shelf where the item is still technically in the open).

Weapons lag while changing weapons with favorite keys.

This is one that needs patched, as changing weapons via the Pip-Boy still works as quickly as expected. Using favorites appears to eventually become glitched to have a delay, sometimes a very long delay which locks out any ability to use a weapon (except for your fists if you are lucky and can get the game to respond at all). Searching forums seems to show that reverting to an old save will fix it, but there's only so much of that I personally am willing to do. So, if you don't want to be constantly checking to see if the weapon-lag glitch has hit you, be prepared for it to set in at some point. Once that happens, and when it's crucial to change weapons quickly, use the Pip-Boy interface to change weapons instead of using favorites via number keys.

A settlement I am allied with keeps getting attacked by raiders!

Contrary to information I found elsewhere (the game or forums, I'm not sure), keeping defense points "close to" resource points is not good enough. Keep your defense points equal to or preferably higher than your resource points. In theory this should keep settlements from being attacked at all, or at least it's worked for me with Sanctuary as of 70 hours into the game.

I've seen one "help defend x settlement failed" quest message show up randomly, and sadly it is very easy to miss the message that the settlement is under attack, espcially if you are already in the middle of a battle elsewhere. That settlement's defense points were one less (11) than the total resource points (12, combining the values of food, water, and power). After plopping down an extra turret, all has been quiet there.

Update: It wasn't all that much later that Sanctuary did finally get attacked one random time I arrived, by super mutants no less. With proper defense numbers at settlements, attacks seem to happen when I arrive at a settlement and very rarely happen when I am not there.

Severe FPS issues indoors / FPS issues in general.

I'm running an older graphics card, so this is especially notable on my machine (and it's just the card, the rest of the system is fine for this game). The following two fixes helped me even though they're generally meant for better cards, so I'm linking to them here:

How To Fix MouseLag Issue In Fallout 4 and Achieve 80FPS-120FPS at Max Settings and FXAA - Note that the "NVidia logo" they're talking about on the desktop is found via right-clicking the destop. It's the "NVIDIA Control Panel" listed in that menu.

Reddit fix for FPS drop indoors - because certain effects used more indoors than out will cause pretty much everyone to have FPS drop indoors.

Supply lines do NOT share food and water resources between settlements, but may give the illusion that they do.

Supply lines only connect workshops in each settlement, giving the ability to use stored components in one settlement that are technically located in another settlement. The "illusion" of food and water resources being shared comes from some 90 hours of personal gameplay, where the food/water resource numbers would be in the green after I started a supply line (often with the first settler to arrive at a new settlement), without having any actual plants or water available or tended.

I think what happened was, resource meters may count harvested food/veggies and bottles of purified water as actual resources, even though it doesn't make the numbers go up; it just turns them green and happiness goes up as if there were proper resources. Once I finally pulled all the purified water out of the workbench at one of the settlements, the water number there showed red and happiness began going down. It's possible that the supply lines count food and water items in any workbench along the connected supply lines a well.

I have a feeling this stored-resource concept was not intended by the devs and may get patched out, because it definitely creates confusion for how supply lines work. I am also not sure if settlers use a certain amount of that stored food every day, to make up for the lack of actual water pumps, plants, etc. I just know that I wasted hours turning one settlement into a water-producing mammoth, and another into a food-producing haven, only to finally realize it wasn't actually sharing those numbers across the map.

TL;DR: Make sure each settlement has their own personal water and food supply in numbers matching (or exceeding) the population of that settlement.

Maximum settler population per settlement is 10 plus your charisma.

So if you have 10 charisma, you can have 20 settlers in a settlement. If you have 5 charisma, you can have 15 settlers in a settlement. I have not tested wearing charisma gear with my 10-charisma character to see if I can push max population past 20, mostly because there's no real point to having hundreds of settlers to manage between all the settlements. Plus, I have no idea if taking off charisma gear after successfully recruiting more people would make them leave again.

Junk items fail miserably for use as decorations!

This is seriously disappointing, and I doubt we'll see a patch to fix it unless the devs feel particularly merciful. Basically, I have only seen one vase in one settlement successfully stay on a table after leaving and coming back later (the vase was already on the table but I moved the table and then had to put the vase back on it; the vase had a flower in it so perhaps somehow it is a "true" decor item). Most of the time, items will fall through whatever surface they've been set on as soon as you get a good distance away from the settlement, or wind up "lost" until you find them lying in a weird spot elsewhere in the settlement.

What happens to the unused components of a junk item that the workshop used part of?

They go in the workshop. The workshop inventory has some delay showing that the extra components are actually there, but entering build mode and then exiting it again immediately will force the workshop inventory list to update faster.


More to come as I find the worst of the problems. This was last updated: November 22, 2015.

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