Monday, December 07, 2015

Fallout Shelter isolation vault update: population 67

I'm fairly braindead at the moment, but have a screenshot of where my isolation vault challenge is at:

We won't go into how many caps I've wasted on a major overhaul of the layout again, but I'm happy with the way it's going now and I'm almost at unlocking gardens which is nice. They'll be going in that empty upper middle section, along with Nuka Cola plants (eventually) and the diners will be replaced by the higher-teir water purification rooms once they're unlocked. The older-tier water rooms will be demolished at that point.

The training rooms will only be there for as long as I need them, and the radio room has moved a good two or three times now. This vault is a real money-maker, which is handy with nuclear plants over the 10K per building cost mark now, nevermind the upgrades.

And deathclaws? They make it through 14 rooms (8 levels down the first column) and the dude in the medlab there finishes off the last one. I think the game is mad at me, cuz I hardly ever get deathclaws and can handle them with ease, since I have a metric crapton of stimpacks and only have to heal one person at a time.


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